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Flowers by Jess Valmas for Local Color Flowers | Baltimore, MD

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#ShopLocal You’re Doing It For Food, Why Not Flowers?

Shop seasonal bouquets, floral subscriptions, bridal blooms and more, purposefully crafted from fresh, local flowers that offer an environmentally, economically, and socially responsible choice. Read more about the blossoming farm-to-vase movement.

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More than eighty percent (80%) of flowers sold in America are imports—from South and Central America, Holland, and even Africa. While these blooms grown overseas may seem like solutions to the wintry dearth of supply, they come with costs—to the environment, the livelihood of US farmers, and to the quality, integrity, and even fragrance of the flower itself. We have local solutions: In fact, the more temperate western and southern states like Washington, Oregon and California grow flowers all year long. Greenhouses help fill the gaps, too. Buying locally supports our farmers, preserves agriculture, promotes biodiversity. It strengthens the health of our economy and environment. And did we mention local flowers yield a better product? The Bloomlist takes the guesswork out of where your flowers come from, so you’ve one less thing to worry about.

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Discover the Floral Designers Prioritizing American Grown, Seasonal Stems and Sustainable Practices

The Bloomlist is a growing community of progressive florists who are prioritizing American grown, cut flowers, in season, for their arrangements, subscriptions, CSAs, weddings and events. These are a small but mighty bunch who have forged longstanding relationships with their farm partners in the name of environmental wellbeing and social good, and are committed to bringing the freshest, straight-from-the-farm florals to your vase. The Bloomlist grows daily. To find a Bloomlist florist near you, simply click your state dot. If you don’t see your city/state below, please know that we are working on it! If you’ve a tip for a flower shop, floral designer or farmer-florist committed to local sourcing and seasonal design, or if you’re one of the these beguiling bloomcrafters and want to be listed, please contact us

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